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Hydraulic Filtration Trolleys

Hydraulic oil filtration unit is a compact, portable filter system designed to use at the site for contaminated oil. It is easily wheeled to the sump or reservoir by a single person. It is completely self-contained and requires only electrical connection for operation.
Standard features of the unit include a reliable gear pump with an integral pressure relief valve to Prevent system over-pressure. The filter cartridge also gives high performance with minimum 200 beta ratio and can be changed in few minutes.

Flow rate - 20 lpm, 50 lpm, 100 lpm
Pressure - 10 bar
Design - Single stage, two stage
Powder coated body
Static pressure gauge
Electrical cable - 10 m
Inlet and outlet hose - 2 m each
NAS class achieved - Up to NAS 5


New oil transfer and filling into the system
Kidney loop system for contamination removal in power packs
Recycle of contaminated oil
Flushing of pipelines
Hydraulic Filtration Trolleys
Hydraulic Filtration Trolleys
For Injection Moulding Machines, Steel, Power, Mobile hydraulic equipment & Earthmoving equipment
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